Best practices for how to implement an API using Flask

First of all, let’s understand some basics concepts before putting our hands-on API coding. In this guide, the following topics are covered: APIs vs WebServices, HTTP methods vs CRUD, and endpoints best practices.


Application Programming Interface (API) is simply an interface, used to help two different systems to interact with one another. There are two key ideas behind this:

  1. Easier to access your application’s data.

How to implement a CRUD App with Flask Blueprint

I have been working with Node.js in both development and production applications for several years and recently I have started specialization in Full Stack Web Development where Flask is used.

I remember my first hands-on Node.js project and it was tremendously faster to get something up when comparing now with Flask. As it happens, with Flask I got stuck a lot of times while implementing a simple CRUD application, mainly in how to architecture the project using Python.

In particular, I have implemented many machine learning applications using Python. In my opinion, it is the best language for that. …

Felipe Silveira

Software Engineer

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